Why do we love our dogs so much? Scientists have found the answer

Love knows no boundaries – regardless of its type

And it does not matter whether it is love for a child or a dogs – the feelings that you feel inside are so pure and strong that they are almost identical. If you have ever thought about why you experience equally intense feelings for both your pet and your baby, then this article is written for you.

The aim of the study was to study the functional neuroanatomy of two connections by analyzing patterns of brain function when a person looked at photographs of his child and his dog. Scientists have focused on areas of the brain that are responsible for developing emotions and attachments to people.

The study examined mothers with children aged 2 to 10 years who owned dogs for more than a year. Participants were asked to bring photographs of both their pets and their babies. They were also shown images of other children and other dogs to which they had nothing to do.

According to the data obtained, mothers who saw photographs of both their dogs and their children activated brain regions associated with emotions, compassion, affection, and the desire to give. However, when they were shown images of children and animals that they had never seen before, this did not cause the same reaction.

It becomes obvious that when mothers talk about their children, they can mean both their pets and their biological children.

The study turned out to be accurate, as most women had equally strong brain reactions when they saw their beloved “babies.”

According to Lori Pelly, a leading researcher, it has always been clear that pets have a special place in the lives and hearts of people, but now there are laboratory and clinical studies that prove this. Having a furry friend can be very beneficial for people, as pets provide social and emotional support. They are like little children who never grow up. Animals want to have fun, give joy and love unconditionally.

Mothers are natural guardians, therefore, both the child and the furry creature occupy the same place in their hearts. Both of them need care, love, joy, while they have different personality traits and emotions. They are both part of a loving family.