What will happen if everyone receives $ 1 million, and a few more questions that everyone asks himself?

People often wonder what will happen if. Thanks to this, we have one thousand and one films about how Martians take over the earth, robots destroy people, and after infection with a deadly virus, only one person and a dog survived, who try not to lose their minds. And let’s drop the lyrics and leave out the bare facts: what will happen if, for example, animals start a war with people or we are all given $ 1 million each?

If everyone gets $ 1 million

It’s hard to believe, but as soon as people get a million, they will start to get sick in large numbers, and all due to the fact that there are about 30 thousand microbes on one bill and after treatment for one infection, the next one will lie in wait for them. And also:

  • 180 existing currencies will lose their value;
  • about 35% of the total population will quit their jobs, the economy will collapse, as a result, society will begin to degrade, and will have to start all over again;
  • there will be no free apartments in the world;
  • people will be able to buy about 20 kg of black caviar and 4 Ferrari;
  • goods will cease to be produced, services will not be provided;
  • banks will close due to uselessness;
  • the number of apartment thefts will increase;
  • money will begin to be used for other purposes;
  • people will become lazy;
  • the social line between rich and poor will disappear.

Of course, a lot of money is good, but there is something more important in life than the material world.

If animals start a war against humans

This war will not be as simple as it might seem at first glance, and will take place in several stages:

  • pets will begin to attack their owners. The cats will be the first to revolt: they have the sharpest claws and they can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h. Since the speed of the fastest person on the planet is only 44.72 km / h, the cat will catch up with you and begin reprisal. Of course, you can fight back, but the scratches received from pets heal for a very long time, especially if the animal is infected;
  • the next dog will enter the battle. The volume of their barking reaches 115 dB, which is comparable to the sound of a jet plane at an altitude of about 300 m. If they all begin to bark constantly, people will experience a nervous breakdown and, as a result, suicide will begin;
  • while pets deal with their owners, the locust will operate in the fields. Indeed, in 1 day it can destroy 160 thousand tons of food, and in 1 month people will have no food left;
  • after that people will begin to seek salvation on the water. The most dangerous soldiers are white sharks. In 2018 alone, 66 shark attacks on humans were recorded, of which 4 were fatal. People will begin to create a vaccine against animal aggression and test it on themselves;

But the rest, as soon as they receive the SOS signal, collect the remaining and fly to another planet, but since they will not have enough time to prepare and arrange a place to live, they will remain drifted in space.

If we only lived 24 hours

So, let’s go, because there is not much time. After 18 minutes, you will learn to walk, after another 5 – to speak. After 2.5 hours of your life, go to school, and after 3.2 hours finish your studies. And in 20 hours you will retire. For the whole life will be spent:

  • 40 minutes to read news and other information;
  • 50 minutes to cook food;
  • 80 minutes – to travel by transport;
  • only 2.5 minutes for an intimate life;
  • 6 hours – to watch your favorite TV shows or movies, as well as to work at the computer;
  • 8 hours – to sleep.

In general, your days will be richer and brighter, you won’t postpone things until tomorrow, and self-education and getting new emotions and impressions will become the main goals of life.

If you remain the last person on the planet

Just imagine that you are the master of this world. What will you do? A lot of opportunities, and most importantly, no one will distract you from an important matter. And you can:

  • just take any of the 1 billion existing cars;
  • dress in the most expensive boutiques;
  • visit interesting places for free. But within your means, that is, if you know how to drive a car, or an airplane, or simply by bicycle, because no one else can take you anywhere else. At your disposal will be 2 667 417 cities and villages;
  • get any dog ​​from more than 340 breeds.

But there are significant disadvantages

  • in 10 years, the shelf life of all products, except sugar, salt and honey, around the world will end. And in your city this can happen much faster;
  • after 5 years you will not be able to drive a car – gas will run out, and there will be no one to mine it;
  • have to farm;
  • loneliness leads to premature aging, and you are unlikely to live up to 70 years;
  • there will be depression, and in addition, single people have trouble sleeping, so you will sleep on average 4 hours a day.

In the film “I Am A Legend” such a plot was made a reality, and introverts can rejoice at such a twist of fate, but this is unlikely to reflect well on the mental health of a person.

If there was no sound

The quietest place on earth is Orfield. This is a laboratory in which 99.9% of all sounds are blocked. It is made of steel, concrete and fiberglass, and there they are tested by astronauts. The record of staying there was 45 minutes, and then hallucinations begin. If the sound disappears completely, then this is what will happen:

  • we will not learn about the dangers of the world. For example, the loudest sound is the roar of a volcanic eruption, which could be heard over 5 thousand km from the scene;
  • have to learn to communicate in sign language;
  • each film will be with subtitles;
  • you will never hear any of the millions of your favorite artists;
  • more than 250 types of dances will disappear;
  • snoring will no longer be a problem;
  • people will be constantly late for work, and mothers will not be able to feed babies at their first call;
  • you will no longer need a telephone for conversations, there will be improved pagers with vibration and a keyboard, and smartphones will no longer be relevant, except in order to read something interesting in Bright Side.

The only plus in this situation can only be that you will never hear your voice in the recording.