How to Understand a man does not Love a woman?

Every woman wants to know if a man wants to be with her.

This question I hear most often from the readers. It upsets me that so many decent women find themselves in the relationships where they think about such a question. But it is very common to hear. I get this question from friends, from my readers on social networks, and I have to be honest and admit that I asked myself the same thing not once. “Does he really love me and need me?”

Unfortunately, nobody can give you a magical formula to realize and check if he really loves you and wants to stay with you. I have no personal secret as I have not yet found that only person who would help me get responses to such questions. But having a big experience of my own and of many of my friends with broken hearts, I can definitely help you figure out what proves that he really doesn’t love you and does not care to stay with you. It may sound cruel but you should also realize that this knowledge will help you understand that such a man doesn’t deserve you.

So you should know the following.
If a man doesn’t love you, you will always have plenty of doubts and hesitation regarding your relationships. You will feel no certainty, no solid foundation. You will be always full of anxiety and hesitation. Such a man will intentionally keep you in the gray area as long as you are ready to stay there, it is so convenient for him to have a backup option when he needs it.

You will never feel safe and secure. You will get something but will have to give much more in return. Even if one day you relax then he may scatter your world by reminding he is the one who dictates and controls. You are second-rate.

A man who doesn’t love you will appear and disappear from your life, he leads his life according to his own schedule. Sometimes you will even feel as though he is doing a big favor for you. He will always underline that spending time with you is actually an inconvenience for him, so you should appreciate his kindness. You will never be in the first place for him. He will not tell all this openly but you will understand the hints.

A man who doesn’t love you will never bother himself to take care of you. You will have to do all the work, all the heavy lifting.  And you will continue doing it as he will leave immediately if you fail.

A man who doesn’t love never cares about your life. He never asks questions about your work or how your day passed. He never seems to be bothered with such things. But the truth is he really never thinks of you in this respect and does not care about the answer.

A man who doesn’t love you usually avoids direct answers. He may vanish for a long period of time pretending to be very busy. He always forgets to respond to your text messages or you get answer with a serious delay. His phone is often discharged or just switched off. And you can never feel his emotional presence even when he is with you.

You will catch him lying. He often changes his plans in the last moment. He will keep you waiting.  You never get to know his friends. You are not mentioned in his social media account. He remains single in spite of his profile status.

All of the above mentioned habits will leave you less dignity and confidence with a cause of time. You will start asking yourself questions. You will doubt if you really deserve him. You will wonder why his friends are more important than you. Why his work matters more than you. You will torture yourself for telling him about your feelings. You will blame yourself for his long absence. And then you will wonder what he is busy with when he disappears from your life. You may start blaming yourself for being too old, too fat, too ugly, too independent, too MUCH.

In all the case you are not to be blamed for anything, except for the last phrase. Yes, you are too much a woman for a too little man.

But finally, I should say that all these signs and all this evidence really mean nothing, because you answered your question yourself when you asked it.

“How do I know if he really loves me and really wants to be with me?”

You know because you will never have to ask that question of a man who does.