How to recognize when someone is flirting with you?

Flirting matters. This is a fine way to tell somebody we like them not only in a friendly way. If you learn to distinguish certain signals, you’ll see that this whole flirting and dating thing can be simple enough. But if you fail to understand the signals, you’ll find yourself banging your head against a brick wall as you may miss new acquaintances and potential relations.

So do you know how to flirt? And how to understand if someone’s flirting with you? Before you can get answers, you need to understand what is the science of flirting. S

So what is flirting?
Flirting is a social and sexual behavior which involves verbal or written communication, and also body language, by one person to another showing interest and attraction. The purpose of flirting is more intimate relations with someone you like.

Obviously you would look rude and intrusive showing sexual interest towards the people you do not know well. So when you are flirting, you are expressing your attraction is a very mild way to see if the other person has the same feelings.

It is not so easy to tell is someone is flirting with you, especially if you do not know this person well. It can be the nature of that person to behave in a playful and flirty way with all around. We are all different so it is very simple to be misguided.

Therefore, it is better to know the secret signs of flirting. It may save you from an awkward situation and prevent from confusion and wrong conclusions. Plus, you will master some flirting skills.

The following actions prove that a person is flirting with you:

They change their normal behavior in your presence.
The changes can be different. They may laugh more, they become very sociable, or they may even become very detached and shy. Some people start to be very impudent and their flirting is expressed in a nervous way. Anyway, any change in their actions shows clearly they are treating you in a different way than others.

They are the first to give likes to your new photos on social networks.
If they are on the list of your friends then they have a chance to express their affection without even communicating with you. They may follow your activity in the social media, commenting your pictures, sending you compliments in a playful manner. If someone is spending so much time reading your posts then this is not a simple coincidence.

They change their body language.
During communication, we do not sometimes tell openly all our thoughts. But we cannot totally control our body language. We may unintentionally touch our hair, make eye contact, put our arms and legs in a certain position. If someone is moving their body towards you then they have an eye on you.

They find a chance to touch you.
It can be a friendly touch like patting on your shoulder, touching your hands.  These accidental contacts are a very clear signal of their attraction.

They are trying to tease you.
Remember school times when boys were teasing girls whom they liked pretending to hate them. Their hurtful behavior is actually a protective cover for inside care and liking.
But such an attitude is a sign of very awkward flirting. They are trying to hide their affection in case it is not a mutual feeling.

They are trying to make eye contact.
If a confident person is flirting with you they will try to catch your eyes as much as possible. They’ll look into your eyes for a bit longer time and smile. But if they are nervous they will look away every time you catch their eyes. Such eye contacts are very intimate and may create strange feelings between you two.

They always find your jokes very funny.
They will like even the worst jokes which nobody laughs at. If someone likes you they will be always attentively listening to what you are saying. They will show your interest and appreciate your stories.

So if you are receiving smiles, laughter, or giggles—even when you know you said something that really wasn’t that smart—this is a sign of flirting.

So what should you do if someone is trying to flirt with you? Definitely flirt back! Try to repeat their actions and see how it will develop. A good flirt can be the start of a new relationship.