How to make sure your first date is not the last one?

Young happy amorous couple celebrating with red wine at restaurant

Nothing can be more romantic than a first date. It could have been filled with doubts, but they all melted away after a special spark between you two. The first date always leaves an unforgettable aftertaste of anticipations and hopes – the feeling of the beginning of something new and great. But do not rush, take a minute to think well about the further steps.

You should proceed to a second date stage. In order to realize this, you need to be sure you are doing everything in the correct way. And here are some tips which will help you avoid a mistake.

Hint 1: Keep in touch
There are no certain rules who should call first. If you’re a woman believing a man needs to call you first, you should know you are rather old-fashioned. If you like someone, don’t waste your time waiting for a call. Send a text message advising you would like to meet again.

Hint 2: Reference something they said on that first date.
If she said she liked some special food, try to find a nice restaurant where they cook it and invite her there for the second date. If he mentioned that he was fond of thrillers, check if any new film of this kind is on and you could go to. You should demonstrate them were listening by suggesting a place matching their interests. People get extremely flattered when someone pays attention to what they like and prefer. 

Hint 3: Keep your word if you promised something on the first date.
If you were given some recommendations on the first date, do not leave them ignored. First dates give you the opportunity to learn each other. You get to know what their favorite books, music bands, films are. And if they say they enjoyed ‘Inferno’ by Dan Brown and you promised to check it out, it would be very impressive if you really did it. Plus, you will have a nice topic to discuss. And during such a conversation it is always appropriate to mention the next date.

Hint 4: Leave the ball in their court.
It’s good to make the first step, but if they say they’re a bit busy, believe them. The ball is in their court. Sometimes, that’s their polite way of saying you weren’t their type of person. But they may be really busy and have too much work to cope with right away. In that case, don’t think they’re not interested—they just met you at a particularly bad time. Make sure you read the cues and make them feel comfortable. It’s okay to follow up, but not more than once. Attacking them with messages is the best way to get your number blocked. In the meantime, that doesn’t prevent you from dating other people.

Step 5: Enjoy it!
You know, dating can be sometimes scary. But it should not be. If you are a confident person, your dating will bring you lots of joy and excitement. People are attracted to those with a positive outlook, so if your first date was shy and awkward try to fill your second date with smiles and jokes, it will help create a relaxed atmosphere. Some good humor can greatly improve someone’s mood. 

Be more confident and a second date will be yours. Don’t forget the person you are dating is also nervous, maybe even more than you are. It is not very simple to find a correct approach in communication, but it will be much easier with each following date.