How smartphones affect the structure of our skeleton?

American scientists have found that on average we spend looking at the screens of smartphones, 145 minutes a day, and touch them almost 3 thousand times a day. Their Australian colleagues decided to find out how gadgets affect our health, and were amazed at the results of the study.

The study involved 218 people aged 18 to 30 years. In 41% of them, on an X-ray, Dr. David Shahar found a bone process on the back of his head. Despite the fact that this growth was considered to be enlarged starting from 10 mm, in 10% of all participants the inexplicable tubercle was more than 20 mm, and its maximum length was as much as 35.7 mm in men and 25.5 mm in women.

In the second study, scientists brought in an experiment of 1,200 people aged 18 to 86 years. His results showed that the appendix is ​​more common in young people. Therefore, Dr. Shahar and his colleague Mark Sayer hypothesized that such damage to the bones is formed due to improper posture. Due to the unnatural leaning forward smartphones, the weight of the head is distributed differently and pressure is created on the place of muscle attachment to the skull. In this regard, changes in bones and tendons occur. The growth itself, according to scientists, is not a danger, the main problem is a curved spine, which can provoke other disorders in the body.

Dr. Shahar says that the shoots will become larger with each generation. However, some scholars and information publications do not agree with the statements of researchers and question the results of experiments. Who is right in this matter is likely to show only time.