How a Text message can Prove the Guy is Fond of You.

Nowadays text messages are one of the fastest ways of communication, but there are certain rules about texting. Everybody has his own texting style. But since a lot depends on texts, a guy who has feelings to you will message in a special way, different from a guy who only wants to be friends.

You know well about the things that can go wrong in the text – just think about embarrassing auto-correction. So if the text really matters, the guy will send you a perfect message. Here are a few tiny hints which will help you figure out what the message really means.

You receive texts full of the emojis.
The invention of the emojis  helped a lot clear up possibly confusing text situations. These days, there is a wide range of emoji for every emotion. If this is a guy who knows well that you are not familiar with his level of irony or sense of humor so far, he’ll go out of his way to make sure that emojis will help indicate when he’s kidding. They’ll also reveal his playful mood. If he’s not totally an emoji type of person, adding “LOL” to the end of the sentences will inform you he’s kidding. He’s probably not actually laughing out loud, but he may be smiling when he was texting you.

They’ll use every opportunity to start up a new chat.
He cannot resist sending you a text within short periods of time. You may receive a few messages with just words “hey” or “what’s up?” If he wasn’t interested, he wouldn’t bother with such things. But if he cannot get you out of his thoughts, and he will use every chance to talk to you. Some of these early chats are always the most romantic ones because you are just starting to know each other. Each message will tell you something new.

You receive his texts twice.
No matter what etiquette rules may be out there, but he will not be afraid of double texting. So do not get surprised that you receive one more message when you still have not replied to the first one. Some people would be embarrassed to look to persistent, but this guy does not care. You are so attractive to him that he cannot miss the chance. Plus, he really wants to tell you something.

He is texting you first.
He does not worry about texting you first no matter what time it is.  Do not be surprised to receive messages at midnight just because he might forget to tell you something in the morning, or if he comes across something that reminded him of you. This approach actually may have two aims—he’s starting up a chat for you to respond to first thing in the morning, and is also secretly expecting you’re are ready for a pleasant late night conversation.He is bombarding you with questions.

He is bombarding you with questions.
You receive dozens of questions not only about your favorite music bands, books, and movies but also lots of quite funny ones. He is asking what you would take to a desert island or what TV show you would like to take part in. It shows he is trying to find out how much you have in common. You will receive questions regarding your work and family, though there will be no questions regarding your previous relationship.

He will behave in a modest way unless it is you who writes the provocative text first.
Guys are usually very straightforward when it comes to sex. But if the guy wants more than a night date, he’ll surely be rather conservative in the beginning. That’s because he does not want you to believe he is a rude person and he does not want you to feel awkward. But if you start the topic first, he’ll gladly chat about it (and will be very intrigued about your first move in this direction.)

He hints at a dating.
It is good to have a guy just a good friend, but this guy looks really keen on the idea of further plans. If he mentioned it a few times, that means he asking you to go on a date. Don’t hesitate to agree if you also like him.

If your phone keeps informing you of new texts, be sure, this guy has a crush on you. Just try to remember of any of your male friends would spend a whole day communicating with you.