General Information

Birthdate: 11/08/1995
Age: 24
Marital status: Single, young and beautiful girl
Children: no
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Hair: brunette
Eyes: grey
Build body: normal
Education: Philological Mumbai University
Profession: Translator
Smokes: no
Languages: Russian, Hindi
Location: Mumbai
Country: India

About Diasha

Disha without hesitation went to conquer the capital when she saw the announcement of the casting. The girl first visited Deli, traveled by plane and mastered the subway – but this was not the end of the miracles. She managed to become one of the contenders for the main prize of the show Songs on TNT. The girl dreams of helping women who are confronted with domestic violence. This decision originated in her after she suffered from a tyrant husband who had beaten her. The combination of Tatar, Thai and Indian blood has had a positive effect on the bright appearance of the girl. She is a single girl!

Disha is studying at the Philological University, but she has had a love for music since her childhood. Now she successfully combines studies in a serious specialty and work in a bar. For the performance, she chose a composition in the style of popular music and was not mistaken – guest member of the jury Sergey Svetlakov noted her amazing data. The rest of the judges were embarrassed by their young age: Disha looks for 15 years, despite the fact that she was 24 – she was born on 1995, but the fragile girl repeatedly proved that she has the character of a fighter. Disha successfully passed the selection and is fighting for the main prize of the show